Wayne Dooley, KPA CTP
Cerificate #59801

Richardson, Texas

Karen Pryor Graduate

 Karen Pryor Graduate

Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Dog Trainer Professional program graduates are trainers who have completed an extensive educational program, and scored the highest marks on a detailed assessment of technical knowledge and hands-on skills teaching pet owners and training dogs!

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The Dog Trainer Guy offers many training options to help your furry friend become a responsible member of the family. We offer In-kennel packages, private/semi-private lessons, puppy classes, and one-on one individualized training that fit your busy schedule. Contact us now to set up your specialized training program

Wayne Dooley, KPA CTP
Cerificate #59801

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Dog Training

Base Price = $45.00 for 30 minute training session

Initial Consultation = $120 (1 hr. minimum not to exceed 2 hrs.)

The goal of the initial Consultation is to meet you and your pet in a relaxed setting, to observe your pet in his or her home setting exhibiting natural behavior and finally to gain a shared vision of your conditioned pet upon completion of training and to outline a strategy for accomplishing this together.

Weekly Training Sessions - 1 hour sessions (recommended)

$90.00 Per Session - Number of sessions needed varies based on the needs and skills of the pet, the type and number of skills being taught, and the consistency with which the skill is properly reinforced by the pet owner in-between sessions.

This program is geared toward the individual that wants to learn a training technique and then work with their pet  throughout the week to reinforce that behavior so that "Sparky" or "Coco" is ready to progress to the next stage of his or her training for the next week's session!  By taking this active role in your pup's training you will build a stronger bond by developing a positive trainer/trainee relationship and a dynamic language through which to communicate. This type of interactive bond is very different than the parent/pet-child relationship that your pet is used to.   While the relaxed parent/pet-time at home grows stronger with less frustration and more manageability, there is also more fun time and clearer communication at work because your pet will quickly learn the difference between "play time" and  when it is time to "work" for his or her treats.  Everyone is happier earning their income!

Bi-Weekly / Tri-Weekly Trainings - 30 minute Sessions   May be extended depending on the skill being taught or based on client's needs.

$45.00 Per 30 minute Session, Any additional time prorated accordingly. Number of sessions needed varies based on the needs and skills of the pet, the type and number of skills being taught.

This program is geared toward the individual that is available to meet 2-3 times throughout the week for  quick 30 minute sessions to observe your pet in training.  Here, the reinforcement is done by Wayne, The Dog Trainer Guy, but as you observe these session,  you too are learning the training  techniques.  I recommend three consistent weeks of bi-weekly or, better yet, tri-weekly sessions so that your pet develops a strong foundation for each desired skill.  Once this foundation is established we can tailor the sessions down to once a week where the pet owner works directly with his or her pet under Wayne's instruction to ensure proper clicker technique, timing and honing of skills.  Every animal is different just as every pet owner is his or her own individual; hence, some more demanding pups will respond more readily to this strategy as will those pet owner that want to develop a life long skill!

Board-and-Train Packages 

The Dog Trainer Guy has teamed up with Animal Hospital of Rowlett to offer "in-kennel" training for those dog owners who are interested in having their dog learn some obedience while boarding in a pet hotel. What a great opportunity to have your dog stay in a nice cozy pet hotel and come home with a few more manners! Learn more about the amenities of the Pet Hotel at Animal Hospital of Rowlett. *An Initial Consultation is required for new clients of The Dog Trainer Guy before scheduling Board and Training sessions.

For your convenience, The Dog Trainer Guy offers several different packages for board-and-train:

In-Kennel Packages

  • $25 per individual daily session in addition to boarding cost (1 twenty minute session)
  • $480 per week includes boarding in a cage/run (5 one-hour sessions)
  • $1760 per month includes boarding in a cage/run (20 one-hour sessions) *luxury suite extra

In kennel training will mainly take place Monday-Friday with sessions lasting an hour total per day. Examples of session sets could be 30 minutes twice daily, or 15 minutes four times daily.  The training will mainly focus on the areas of obedience and behavior modification.  Mental stimulation is also part of daily training sessions, where pets learn to work treat puzzles and play games to "tire" them out and build mental stamina.  

Private/Semi-Private  Lessons

  • $375 for a block of 5 private lessons
  • $350 for a block of 5 semi-private lessons

Expire 3 months from first session

Private lesson blocks will mainly be done at your home and will be on days of your choosing, schedules permitting.  The training can be anything you would like to your dog to learn.  Semi-Private lessons are also available if you have a friend or neighbor who wants to join at a reduced rate.

Puppy Classes

  • $100 for 4 Saturday sessions
  • $150 for 6 Saturday sessions

Puppy classes will be offered in Animal Hospital of Rowlett lobby on Saturdays from 10am-11:00am.  The training will consist of learning how to communicate with your puppy, early obedience, and behavior imprinting.  Some topics covered in puppy classes are as follows:

  • puppy calming massages for early puppyhood bonding
  • potty training strategies for the stay at home and working parent
  • the importance of simulated nail trims, ear cleanings and tooth brushing in the early months to make life less stressful for teen and adult years
  • importance of a controlled feeding routine and nutrition
  • education on use and benefits of various tools to make life as a puppy parent easier (crate, x-pen, gentle leader, tie downs, obstructed bowls, appropriate toys, etc.

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Wayne Dooley, KPA CTP
Cerificate #59801

Richardson, Texas

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We offer Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Tri-Weekly Training Sessions.
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Wayne Dooley is a Karen Pryor Academy certified dog trainer in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Area known for his ... more


Wayne Dooley is a Karen Pryor Academy certified dog trainer. Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Dog Trainer Professional program graduates are ... more